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Create visual effects and animation for television, film and online content through digital compositing.

  • blue/green screen keying
  • rotoscoping
  • 2D tracking
  • matte painting
  • cleanups

3D Animation

Create different aspects of 3D animation for motion graphics, previsualization, game assets, products, architectural visualization (walkthroughs/flythrough), and others.

  • modeling
  • rigging
  • character animation
  • shading, lighting, rendering
  • 3D tracking
  • simulation (rigid body dynamics, particle simulation)
  • crowd, hair/fur, cloth animation

Visual Effects

Plan for visual effects shoots and post production for television, film and digital series.

  • preproduction/planning
  • shoot supervision
  • storyboarding

Motion Graphics

Create animated graphic designs to communicate your message using moving text, images, backgrounds, and other graphic elements to engage the viewer.

  • animated logos
  • title sequences for television and film
  • explainer videos
  • product marketing
  • infographics

Color Grading

Improve and finalize the color of movies, TV series, and other video content.

  • color correction
  • creative color grading

Video Editing

Edit and master movies, television shows, and online content.

  • film
  • television series/shows
  • digital series/online content
  • audio-visual presentations
  • commercials

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